Discover Our Brazilian Nut Oil Treatment

Motie Rubin brazilian nut

In 2010, Motie Rubin first discovered Brazilian nut oil and its healing powers.
Following a research trip to the magical world of the Brazil Nut, he discovered a great deal about the oil and its many health related benefits. The widespread daily use of its oil by women of indigenous tribes on the banks of the Amazon, affects the skin and hair.  Its use is an integral part of their lives as both a cosmetic and health related component. "I knew it was the missing link to complete the DNA to the hair products I want to have at our salon. 
The connection between the perfect outcome of the hair and the fantastic raw materials that nature gives us is amazing”.

Brazilian Nut Oil, has a delicate texture easily absorbed by the hair. The nut's protein is rich in amino acids, its oil is known to restore tissue, is suitable for all hair types and enriches hair in natural antioxidants, which help balance the pH level of the hair.
The understanding that we have the ingredient to complete a series of hair care products that combines cosmetic quality with beneficial natural components, constituted a real breakthrough in the world of hair straightening, hair care and styling. After three years of painstaking development work, FLEXI CARE was born; a series of hair treatment and straightening products for women based on the Brazilian nut oil, and the results were not long in coming.

"We are proud to be pioneers in the field of hair straightening and hair care, based on years of professional experience, and to see every day how women are putting our products to use in their cosmetic and beauty regiments is my signature."