Flexi Care Thinning & Losing Hair Control SERUM

New Flexi Care Thinning & Losing Hair Control SERUM
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Motie Rubin Professional Hair Root Repair dropper Serum is not only a root care product, but also rich in vitamins based on castor oil, which helps to restore the hair follicle. intensely nourishes, conditions and strengthens hair, leaving it silky and healthy looking.


The ultra-lightweight castor oil-based formula reduces visible signs of hair damage such as split ends, dryness and fading. at the same time protecting them from static effects and preventing further damage.


Recommendations for use: After washing with FLEXICARE THINNING HAIR Shampoo, massage Thinning & Losing Hair Control SERUM into the hair roots. Apply two or three times a week for 30 days, with a break a week. Then it is worth repeating the course for better absorption into the bulb.


3.38 Fl.Oz - 100ml

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