Professional scissors - model - MRP 05

New Professional scissors - model - MRP 05
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Two Pairs of scissors - Model MRP 05 - a series of professional scissors - Motie Rubin PRO

1st pair of haircut scissors - suitable for creating all haircuts, especially haircuts - (point cut) point cut, 45 degrees, (no protruding screw) also great for geometric haircuts!

second sets of thinning scissors - suitable for softening layers, thinning 30%, goes well with any haircut.

A superb high specification scissor. The narrow high quality cobalt blades gives longevity of sharpness and is designed for absolute precision cutting. The slightly offset handle provides easy cutting and less fatigue, with a finger rest and flat tension screw for ultimate comfort.

The unique finishing method of the scissors helps keep their shape and protects them from wear and tear over the years, while keeping them sharp and designed for Point Cutting.

The power of a sharp and precise cut -
He has the ability to make changes from the level of cut lines to the ability to change, highlight, cut and influence. This is where love for the profession is born.

MOTIE RUBIN PRO series of professional scissors
It is a combination of steel quality, engineering design and shear strength, which have been combined in perfect synergy and become the uncontested tool for artistic work.

Suitable for hands: suitable for right hand
Materials: cobalt blade
Handle: Adjustable finger rest and ergonomic curved handle, comfortable grip.
Available sizes: 6 inches

We wish you pure pleasure from working with scissors of the MOTIE RUBIN PRO series.

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